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segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

GIG Spotlight: Battle of the Swans


Hey Guys! It's GIG Spotlight again and I'm so thrilled to be co-hosting our GIG Movie Awards with the lovely Liss Cope from Latinolook!

Each participant has to pick a movie of their choice and interpretate it the way that pleases them most.
Hopping to inspire you, I've chosen The Black Swan and came up with a couple of outfits.

To put the outfits together, I tried channelling the two sides the main character, Nina (so brilliantly played by Natalie Portman), reveals as the story goes on. 

Nina was the beautiful swan queen of the Swan Lake ballet. A sweet, pure and fragile White Swan.
There's a constant inner struggle keeping her stiff and scared. At some point, that disordered mind of hers takes over and she becomes an alluring, strong and sensuous Black Swan.
Drenched in the confidence of insanity, Nina performs the dance of her lifetime with a perfection beyond human capacity. That night, she was both the white and the black swan. In the wings of emotion, she flew to her deepest desire: freedom.

The White Swan and The Black Swan

If you didn't see the movie, you should.

Well, as you might be thinking, I've styled my own White and Black swans. And, no, you won't be seeing ballet suits! I've just grabbed something from my closet and added them the drama the occasion required.

White Swan

 The key to this outfit is is lightness.

White feathers and softly blushed cheeks. Textures of white. An angora sweater embroidered with little pearls. A faux-leather pailletes skirt. Glossy nude heels. A creamy faux-fur jacket that opens like spreading wings. All topped with a relaxed ballerina bun, pink feathers and a beautiful necklace. A jewel worthy of a swan queen.

Black Swan

And a mysterious darkness comes. It is twisted as it is alluring. A charming spell.

The make up gets heavier as the floating white wings turn to a black faux-fur running over sheer organza sleeves. An A-line skirt flies from a sequin belt, topping tall leather boots. A rare, exquisite, bird dances enigmatically. The swan queen necklace becomes a crown, a proof of the black swan's lust for absolute power.

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Chaicy disse...

This is an amazing Post Debora!! Love it !!

Moi Contre La Vie disse...

So dramatic! :)

Non disse...

Está sensacional Debora! beijinhos da nonfashionista

Unknown disse...

It's lovely how movies can inspire us! Gorgeous outfit! <3

Débora Faria disse...

Glad you girls like it! ^^